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Home Learning Spring 2021: years 5 and 6

Accessing DB Primary and The BIgBlueButton

Each morning we ask that the children are logged on to the Big Blue Button by 9.00am.  Your class teacher will also be logged on at this time, and will be able to support anyone who is finding this difficult.  If your child does not know their login details for DB Primary (which are required to access Big Blue Button) please call the school office. When accessing the Big Blue Button you will need to have two tabs open at all times (please copy and paste the links into your search engine):

Tab 1Big Blue Button (BBB):  https://fwsg.oc.web.school

Tab 2DB Primary:  https://freezywaterstgeorges.org.uk/enfield/primary/freezywater-st-georges.  You will be told by the teacher when to switch between the two.

Signing in:

Step 1: Using Chrome, open the BBB using this URL https://fwsg.ocweb.school
Step 2: Sign into BBB using YOUR DB Primary username followed by @fwsg.org
Step 3:
 You will then need the Room ID and Access code – - which are below.  Copy and paste them into the correct page when they are asked for.

Step 4: Connect your microphone when invited to do so.
Step 5: Connect your camera – the quality should be High Definition.
Step 6: Join your Online Classroom.




The first document above is an extra booster packs for Years 5 and 6 - to practise your spellings. You can find the answers to check your learning in document 2 above. We have also provided - in document 3 - the Year 5 and 6 spelling list.

As an additional task, you could use the spelling words within a sentence that you have created. 




Hamilton Trust: https://www.hamilton-trust.org.uk/blog/learning-home-packs/ have uploaded many free English and Maths materials onto their Learning at Home packs page. They are ready for you to download straight onto your own system. 

Please click on the 'How to guide' above to assist you with downloading the free resources - which have a range of challenging and systematic sessions set out. Enjoy!

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