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Transition Yr4 to Yr5 September 2020

Welcome to your Year 5 transition page. Here you can find out more about your class for September 2020. We are really excited to show you - who you will be learning with, where you will be learning and what you are going to learn in Year 5.

Some of you have not been in school for a long time, coming back to school you may be feeling a bit worried. Some things are going to be different in your new class but some things will stay the same. All your friends from year 4 are going to be starting year 5 too

Your teachers

A message from your teacher...

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Your classroom

You will have a new classroom, have a look at the pictures below to familiarise yourself.

What will you learn in Year 5?

You will develop your knowledge and skills in Year 5 through the topics and challenges below. More detailed information will follow from your teacher in September.

Learning Challenge

Through Learning challenge you will learn creatively about  History and Geography, you will explore through Design and Technology and Creative Arts. These are some of your Learning Challenge topics for in Year 5…

  • What is so special about the USA?
  • Who were the Ancient Greeks?
  • Were the Anglo Saxons really smashing?
  • Will we ever see the water we drink again?
  • Olympics 2021


Much of your Literacy learning will be taught and linked through your Learning Challenge, there will be lots of opportunities for debate and discussion.

  • Poetry – Twin Towers
  • Eye-witness – twin towers
  • Biography – Barack Obama  (black history)
  • Non-chronological report – The Anglo-Saxons
  • Persuasive writing 
  • Biography – King Alfred the Great
  • Narrative – Beowulf
  • Explanation Text – the water cycle
  • Information text – cloud books
  • Poetry – water or clouds
  • 1st person narrative
  • Poerty
  • Film / book comparison


In maths we will cover

  • Numbers in real life
  • Methods for addition & subtraction
  • Methods for multiplication and division
  • Triangles and other polygons
  • Different types of numbers
  • Mental and written methods for addition and subtraction
  • Fractions, decimals and percentages
  • Special numbers - operations and scaling
  • 2D & 3D shapes
  • Negative numbers
  • Addition and subtration using measurement
  • Exploring fractions and percentages
  • Factors, scaling and long multiplication..


In science you will learn through these topics

  • To boldly go - Earth and space
  • Marvelous mixures - materials
  • Feel the force
  • All change - linked  to water
  • Circle of life - tadpoles and butterflies
  • Reproduction in plants and animals



The Global Pandemic of Coronavirus meant that many things changed for us all, When change happens it can cause us to become worried or confused, it can effect how we are feeling. We will be working on the importance of our mental health throughout this year to give us the skills to cope with how we feel and to enable us to know how to ask for and find help when we need to, so that we feel safe and secure and ready to learn. In September our PSHE focus will be - New beginnings and transition to year 4. Understanding our feelings and the Zones of emotional regulation. You will also cover

  • Puberty 
  • Body health
  • Online safety and anti bullying.


In RE this year you will focus on the questions below, learning about what Christians believe as well as extending learning about other faiths and religions...

  • What do the miracles of Jesus teach?
  • What do the monastic traditions within Christianity teach us about living in a community?
  • What does it mean to be a Buddhist?
  • What can we learn from wisdom?
  • What is the importance of symbols, beliefs and teachings in Hinduism?
  • Understanding faith in our community.
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