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Trips and Workshops 2018-19

Year 4 Trip to St Alban's

As part of their historical learning about the Romans, Year 4 visited the Verulamium Museum in St Alban's to learn about the Roman way of life and take part in a workshop where they discovered how archaeologists can recreate history through the discovery of artefacts.

Circus Workshop

Reception and Years 1-3 were treated to a Circus Workshop led by the ‘Perform’ group. They had a great time playing games and participating in circus-themed activities. 

Cultural history Week

As part of Black History Month, the school held a Cultural History Week where children engaged with several activities to promote the rich multiculturalism of our school. They took part in a mask-making, dance and theatre workshop where they learned about traditional African masks and dance and learned about famous black figures from history. They thoroughly enjoyed their week and the school held a big celebration at the end of the week with our Carnival Event!

Year 2 Forty Hall

Our Year 2 class visited Forty Hall as part of their Learning Challenge:

“Forty Hall was Sir Nicholas’ house. He lived there a long time ago. Inside the house we saw Sir Nicholas’ bed. We also saw his metal chair and some old money. We saw a big table where Sir Nicholas went to eat and there was a big picture of him in the room. They had very big meals there and they had massive grapes! Sir Nicholas travelled to London on his horse with a coach behind him with all the people from the house. We wore the clothes that Sir Nicholas would have worn and we got to ride a toy horse. There was a window and when we looked through we saw between two trees where there used to be a palace but it fell down and it was King Henry VIII’s palace. My favourite part was when I went in the kitchen and I helped sweep the floor and smell the spices. In the corner I saw a bird which was a falcon. It was a fantastic trip!”

Year 2 Trip to Windsor Castle

“On Monday 25th March we went to Windsor Castle. We saw a timeline of the Queen’s family—it was a very long timeline! We also saw King Henry VIII’s gate and a statue of King Charles I on his horse. We learnt that when the royal standard flag is there it means that the Queen is there and the royal standard was flying when we visited—but we didn’t see the Queen! We also saw some soldiers marching—they had tall, black, fluffy hats! When the Queen is working she dubs people—that means she makes people become a knight. In her spare time she likes riding her horses and taking her corgis for a walk. Her very first dog was called Susan and all her other dogs are related to Susan. Our favourite part was when we  got to dress up. It was an amazing, brilliant day!”

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