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Welcome to Year 6 St Paul

Our Class Saint

St Paul converted to Christianity on the road to Damascus after experiencing a powerful vision. Paul wrote many letters throughout his life to tell people about the works of Christ. His feast day is the 29th June and he is the patron saint of Missions, Theologians and Gentile Christians.

"And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love." - St Paul in his letter to the Corinthians

Our Class Value

Year 6's class value is 'Persevrance'.  This value is celebrated in April.

“Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.” Galatians 6:9

Our Teachers

Class Teacher: Miss Anastasiou

Year 6 Learning

Learning Challenge:

Who were the people of Benin?:
Year 6 have been looking at the country of Benin in depth and been exploring the culture, history and geography of the area. They have used their learning to create fact files which focus on different elements of the country's features such as their religious practices, rulers and art work and presented it in different formats including quizzes, posters and diagrams.


Solving problems with decimal measures:
In their maths learning, Year 6 have been looking at values which are written in a particular unit of measurement and finding the equivalent value in a different unit of measurement with decimal values. This includes converting centimetres into metres, millilitres into litres and hours into minutes.

Finding the decimal equivalent of a fraction:
The children have been learning how to convert fractions into decimals and understand that they can achieve this result by dividing the numerator of a fraction by its denominator. They are also beginning to understand when it is appropriate to round a number to the nearest 10, 100,1,000, 10,000, 100,000 or 1,000,000.


Faith in Action:
Year 6 have been exploring the term 'faith in action' in their religious studies and have begun to think about what this means to them. They have made a list of what they already understand by the phrase 'faith in action' and what they would like to discover. 

Hindu Gods:
As part of their RE learning Year 6 have been looking at the Hindu faith. They have chosen one of the Hindu deities to focus on and can talk about what it represents. They can compare what Hindus believe with their own beliefs and talk about the similarities and differences.

Christianity Workshop:

As part of our RE Focus Week, the whole school was visited by Father Taemin who delivered a workshop about what Priests wear. Year 6 were able to talk about each item of clothing in detail and explain what each item represents.

Hinduism Reflection:
The children were also visited by Jason from the Dharma Mandir who spoke to them about the Hindu faith. Year 6 can recall key facts about the Hindu faith and compare it with other religions. They can also talk about the way Hindus worship and recount key beliefs.

Judaism Workshop:
Rabbi Jacobi visited the school during our RE Focus Week to talk about the Jewish festival of Passover. Year 6 can recount the key events in the story of Passover and discuss how it is celebrated by Jews.

Maundy Thursday Service:
The whole school attended the Maundy Thursday service in the church as part of Holy Week.Year 6 were able to talk about what happened during the service and how it linked to our learning about Jesus. They could also discuss how they felt during the service and how Maundy Thursday impacts Christian life.

Pathway's Assembly:
The Pathway's Team delivered a special assembly about the suffering of Jesus on Good Friday. Year 6 were able to make links between how we forgive people and how Jesus forgave people and could talk about the message that Jesus taught us about forgiveness.


Natural Selection:
Year 6 have been learning about the way that animals evolve and adapt to new surroundings or situations. They looked at the case of the Galapagos Finches and were able to describe how the finches changed over time due to the process of natural selection. 

Keeping Healthy:
The children have been looking at the human body and how we keep ourselves healthy. They have looked at the different effects that things such as food, exercise and smoking have on the body and can say why certain things are good or bad for your health. They designed posters promoting a healthy and active lifestyle which included the facts that they had learnt.

Animal Fact File:
In their science lessons, Year 6 have chosen an animal to research and written their own fact files. They have chosen appropriate sub-headings to separate the main themes of their piece and can decide which pieces of the information they have gathered are relevant to the subject matter.


Editing a piece of writing:
The children have been inspired by Bram Stoker's story of Dracula to write their own pieces in the style of a gothic horror. After they had finished their initial piece, they edited their work and made improvements. This included checking grammar, punctuation and spelling, ensuring that their work was consistently written in a formal style and adding appropriate adjectives, nouns and verbs to enhance the piece. 

Persuasive Writing:
Year 6 have been looking at persuasive writing and using both fictional and real-life scenarios where they are able to argue a point of view. They have learnt to use the appropriate format and rhetoric entailed in writing a persuasive piece and can consider all sides of the argument whilst maintaining their own opinion.

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